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Customer Reviews:

  • Image of George W.

    Five Stars. Love this, exactly what I needed and baby seems to love it!

    - George W.

  • Image of Alex

    Amazing! I had been shopping around to find something that would work for my daughter's car seat. She began to hate being in the car so much we couldn't even get out of the driveway before she was upset. I tried everything, different ways to line the car seat, taking out anything that wasn't required, the air vents blowing directly on her. I dreaded a 5 minute drive to the grocery store. There was a 100% improvement from the first time we used this seat liner.

    - Alex

  • Image of Erica

    GREAT FOR YOUR BABY'S COMFORT! My 9mo old baby has pretty bad eczema on his back. I needed something to protect his back while he is on stroller during hot summer. This seat cover not only protects from heat but comforts at the same time.

    - Erica

A word from our co-founder


We take the extra steps to provide the highest quality products to families. Everything is CPSIA safety certified lead-free and non-flammable if applicable. 

Agibaby is a family-owned small business based in Los Angeles, California founded by a Korean-American Mom. We formed in 2015 after everyone wanted the cool baby products we were using for our own baby (he's in the picture on top of this page). So we took the awesome styles and advanced design from South Korea and produced them for American Parents! 

-Eun-Kyoung Bennett



What makes Agibaby so Amazing?

What makes Agibaby baby & kids products so Amazing?


sweat-free coolness

  • Genuine 3D Mesh seat liners for strollers and carseats, pillows and mats are breathable and provide a naturally cooling effect in heat- to reduce little one's sweat.

hypoallergenic & machine washable

  • 3D Mesh is hypoallergenic and bacteria-free, providing better hygiene for your carseats, strollers, cribs and beds. 
safety first
  • Our products are all CPSIA (Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act) certified lead-free and non-flammable for applicable products. Seat liners are also safety crash-tested FMVSS compliant.


  • Most of our products are handmade and they use high quality materials and fabrics. Factories are inspected to meet U.S. labor standards.  

trendsetting design

  • All of our products are meticulously designed in South Korea and USA to bring innovative design that is both functional and stylish to you and your family.


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