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About Agibaby
Agibaby provides ultimate comfort, style and safety for your baby. Agibaby brings South Korea's top brands for baby clothing and 3D mesh seat liners to the United States. Our clothes are the softest and cutest clothing you will find your baby- anywhere. As our customers have said, this type of quality just can't even be found in the brick and mortar stores Parents normally shop at. In addition to ultra comfort and style, our clothing is popular with Parents for its unisex styles that are typically gender neutral and can work for multiple siblings across genders. Besides clothing, Agibaby is also one of the largest U.S. distributors of 3D mesh seat liners for car seats and strollers- our liners are proven to reduce baby's sweat and keep baby cool in the heat! Plus the liners are CPSIA safety certified. Agibaby is a brand by parents- for parents- our mission is to support Parents and Babies through superior products and by giving back to those in need. Here is our family portrait:)
As a leading baby product and clothing company, Agibaby's mission is to provide the highest quality items to Parents and their babies, with inclusion of all children around the globe. In 2016 Agibaby went to Cuba to hand deliver thousands of dollars worth of brand new clothing to babies and children that may have never had new clothing until now. It was a humbling and amazing experience for us and we are happy to have helped out these great kids and their Parents.
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