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Agibaby Bebenuvo Hygienic and 3D Mesh pillows




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Would you like to learn how to help keep your baby healthy while they sleep?



There are dangers while babies sleep that all parents are aware of and take preventive actions to keep their baby's sleep environments safe....but then there are also less obvious risks to baby's health while sleeping that are paid less attention to - there are three in particular:



1) Bacteria- it is easy for pillows to cultivate bacteria and it stays alive in the cotton filled pillow! According to NY Post "your pillow is as germy as a toilet seat."



2) Sweat- Babies can typically sweat 4-6 cups of water during the night! If the sweat turns cold this can be a potential reason for baby getting sick.



3) Flat head syndrome- Plagiocephaly is a condition that causes a baby's head to develop a flat spot. Since babies spend a lot of time on their back they are more likely to develop a flat head, where the back of their head becomes flat. The most effective way to "cure" flat head syndrome is through a baby helmet that can cost up to $4,000.




How to protect your baby from bacteria, night sweating and flathead...





The good news is that in one minute you can add just one thing to your baby's crib or bed that will eliminate bacteria, reduce sweat and prevent flat head. 



Imagine what it would feel like to get a better night sleep. Imagine your baby sleeping better when they are sweating less throughout the night and their neck and head are comfortably supported. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing you are really keeping your baby protected from bacteria and germs as they sleep.










Agibaby Bebenuvo 3D Air Mesh seat liners and pillows have been some of South Korea's top selling baby products for years. Now they are finally available in the U.S! Agibaby is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Bebenuvo pillows, through its Los Angeles retail and distribution center. The 3D Mesh products already have a 4.5 star average rating on Amazon - over 90% of customers report Bebenuvo 3D Mesh has stopped their baby from sweating.






  • This pillow is made of 3D air mesh to keep baby’s head cool during sleep.


  • 3D-mesh pillows are breathable, meaning that air passes through them providing climate comfort for your baby and also that they are tested safe for your baby


  • This pillow has special Soft 3D Mesh structure designed to keep the baby’s head shape and neck support, and reduce risk of "flat head"


  • Easy and Fast washable hygienic pillow! Hand wash or machine wash. Dermatologists recommend washing any pillow every 2-3 days, given the fact that busy parents do not have time for that protect your baby from bacteria with Bebenuvo bacteria-free pillow




Agibaby Bebenuvo pillows are also available at Google Shopping, Walmart, Amazon and Etsy...Find out why over 90% of Amazon customers say Bebenuvo 3D Mesh makes their baby happy and sweat-free...



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